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Do you wear contact lenses or have less than perfect eyesight? Then you need to know about Lens.com coupon codes! When you use current Lens.com coupon codes, you…Read More

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6 Lens.com Coupon Codes:

  • Free Standard Shipping Plus $20 off Orders $225+

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    Expires: 09/30/2018

  • Receive Free Standard Shipping, Plus $5 off Orders of $199+

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    Expires: 09/30/2018

  • Free Standard Shipping on all orders $129+

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    Expires: 09/30/2018

  • $30

    $30 off Orders of $299+ When You Use Your FSA

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    Expires: 12/31/2018

  • Get a Free Lens Case ($1.99 value) with Order. Limited Time Offer

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About Lens.com

Do you wear contact lenses or have less than perfect eyesight? Then you need to know about Lens.com coupon codes! When you use current Lens.com coupon codes, you can get a variety of deals on your contact lenses that you wouldn’t have thought you could get! By using one of their promo codes, you could even get free shipping on your order. Who doesn’t love free shipping on their items?

Brands Lens.com offers

Lens.com offers a huge variety of contact lenses at affordable prices, so you’ll find whatever kind of contact lenses you need and deals that you have to see to believe! Even with their great prices, Lens.com still has many different promo codes that you can use to get an even more unbelievable deal. They will also meet or beat any other online competitor’s price, as long as it is from a reputable online site. (Sorry random eBay sellers). If you do manage to find a currently advertised price online that is lower than what they offer, Lens.com will refund you 105% of the difference. Lens.com also accepts promotions from other reputable online lens sellers. They have a variety of big brands, a large selection, and have whatever you need from color contact lenses, astigmatism correcting lenses, toric lenses, bifocal contacts, or daily lenses from name brands like Acuvue®, PureVision, Bausch & Lomb, Biomedics®, CIBA Vision®, CooperVision®, Freshlook®, and many other trusted contact manufacturers.

What do you need to make an order?

Lens.com ships right to their customers so you don’t have to face the hassle of ordering from your eye doctor every single time. What information do you need to order from Lens.com? First of all, you need your current prescription from your eye doctor within the last year. You’ll also need the numbers that are on your contact lens box and the name and information of your doctor. You’ll need to find your contacts on the website, select the prescription power that was prescribed for your left and right eye (and color too!), then enter your eye doctor’s information and name, and then you are good to order your brand-new contact lenses! Of course, you’ll also need to input your information and shipping information so your contact lenses can reach your home. Don’t forget to apply some of Lens.com coupons we collected on this page!

Final words

Lens.com will handle all of the required paperwork and validation of the prescription by checking with your eye doctor to make sure everything is correct. Once your prescription has been confirmed, your lenses will be shipped to you and you’ll receive them soon! The only thing for you to worry about is to use current Lens.com coupon code but we are here to make it easy for you.